18 Life Changing Habits Essential For Success (Part 1)

A little over four years ago I started taking my success more seriously.  I decided to get into a routine that would allow me to be more efficient and productive.  I was looking for the focus and motivation I needed to be successful in any endeavor.  Little did I know at the time how much adapting these new successful habits would really change my life.  Doing these simple things on a regular and consistent basis has really allowed for me to flourish.  If I only knew then that I would be working an Amazon FBA Business and traveling the world, I would’ve started much sooner. Another side effect of adopting these habits into your life is that you will completely change how you think. You will become more positive, laser-focused, and ready to attack life with more passion and energy on a daily basis.

1. Meditation


There are two different types of meditation that I’m aware of.  One is more focused on mindfulness, concentration, being present and focusing on the true nature of things.  All in all, it’s about creating emotional positivity. This is commonly put into practice in certain types of yoga retreats and classes.  This is also used in martial arts, holistic healing, and is deeply embedded in eastern culture.

The second form of meditation is actually self-hypnosis.  This is what I’ve been doing for the last 4 years.  Self-hypnosis is really just a form of heightened concentration combined with the use of autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is literally anything we tell ourselves to do with our words whether we realize it or not.  For example, you’ve been complaining about how you’re sick and tired of something (job, spouse, doing the dishes, etc.).  Then all of the sudden you come down with a cold and have really low energy levels.  This is no coincidence, you literally made yourself sick and tired by using autosuggestion.  This type of subconscious behavior is discussed in the popular books Think and Grow Rich and The Secret.  They referred to autosuggestion by its more popular name, The Law of Attraction.

Self-hypnosis then is putting you in a mentally and physically relaxed state to allow for autosuggestion to take place.  This allows for the use of affirmations to change your habits for the better.  It’s definitely worked for me and allowed me to be more productive.  I still do it routinely for different reasons.  The more you do this, the more you’ll realize the power behind your words.  Both meditation and self-hypnosis can help set goals and alter your habits over time.

My Recommendation: 

Try meditation and self-hypnosis.  See which one you prefer and do this twice a day.  For more information on meditation, check out how-to-meditate.org.  You can also get a visual understanding by checking out this infographic from PositiveHealthWellness.com. For more information on self-hypnosis, read this article by instantselfhypnosis.com that explains what it is, how it’s used and even debunks common myths about it.

2. Surround Yourself With Positive People


You want people in your life that can motivate and encourage you who are on the same path.  If your goal, for example, is to be a successful real estate agent, surround yourself with other positive people in the industry.  This will allow you to exchange ideas, network, brainstorm, and possibly even collaborate.  If done correctly, this will foster rapid growth and collapse time frames.   Networking in this manner should get the results you want in less time.  You’ll also have a source of constant motivation by finding others who are just as passionate as you in your field.  I’m currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand which is the hub for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs.  I’ve honestly never felt so inspired.  I’m learning a lot from the network of people who travel the world and work online.  My results have been positively affected by this environment as a result.

My Recommendation: 

Join 2-4 networking events in your area of interest and select the one that is the best fit for you.  Network with this group at least once a week.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always try meetup.com

3. Affirmations


This is another form of autosuggestion.  Affirmations are simply sentences that you read to yourself on a recurring basis.  In doing so, it allows you to change your habits over time.   This is done by talking to both your conscious and unconscious mind.  As with self-hypnosis, the key is repetition and visualization.  I do this twice weekly because I meditate much more frequently.  This will allow for focus, motivation, and a positive mindset.

My Recommendation:  

Make a list of 5-20 (or more) affirmations and read them at least once a day.  If you’re doing meditation or self-hypnosis that incorporates these affirmations daily, you can limit it to twice a week.  To learn how to write affirmations effectively, read this article by the-guided-meditation-site.com.

4. Watch Inspiring or Motivational Videos


One powerful motivation source that changes your entire attitude is watching YouTube videos.  These videos are designed to emote a feeling of empowerment.  I watch these in the mornings while drinking my coffee, before working out and after doing one of my meditations.  This a powerful tool to tap into your emotions and help to increase productivity.

My Recommendation:

Watch a few motivational YouTube videos in the mornings to kickstart your day, preferably just before a workout.  Do this at least every couple of days to amplify your drive and motivation.

5. Work Out Regularly


Having some sort of consistent fitness routine will allow you to increase your confidence.  This makes it easier to focus and stay motivated on your life goals.  You also have the added health benefits of better sleep, more energy, and improved memory and flexibility.  Working out at least 3 times a week can do wonders for your productivity.  If you’re not already doing this, see what happens after a few weeks and compare the results.  It’s difficult to find a routine during constant travel, but I’ve made it a priority.  I’m sticking to working out at least three times a week now.

My Recommendation: 

Take a look at your schedule and fit in a workout routine at least three times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each.  You can find ideas for your routine in several different places.  I personally like Jeff Cavaliere’s YouTube channel.  It’s loaded with tons of free time efficient and effective workouts.  Men’s Fitness and Bodybuilding.com also have some good suggestions.  Even Buzzfeed has some good ideas for both men and women.  Regardless of where you find your information, do some research and find something that works for you and start immediately!

6. Find Your Passion


So many people go through life accepting a job, house, car, and even a relationship that they feel obligated to stay with out of necessity.  You can either design the life you want or accept the life you get and simply exist.  If you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you’d prefer not to settle for a life of mediocrity.  There are a lot of people in today’s society that are simply lost without any real purpose or direction in life.  This is why constant motivation, affirmations, and meditation are so important.  They will give you a heightened sense of focus and mental clarity.

I really want to inspire you to find your passion in life.  Imagine waking up every day ready to progress toward your ultimate goal instead of scarfing down breakfast, chugging some coffee and rushing out the door just to make a paycheck.   As the old adage goes “find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Don’t allow money to be your motivation either.  Let your passion drive you to success and money will be the added benefit.

I accidentally discovered my passions when I found Poker and eCommerce.  When I learned how to travel with them, it was a total trifecta of business, passion, and happiness.  Whether you decide to make an income traveling and working from anywhere in the world or you decide to pursue your passions at home, examine your options and give yourself a purpose by exploring what truly makes you happy.

My Recommendation:

 Explore options that not only give you balance in life but also allows you to do something you absolutely love and genuinely makes you happy.  If you are looking for something that you can do as a business or hobby that can generate an income for you, the money will come naturally due to your passion.  Couple your passion with something you can do online from anywhere in the world and you’ll be able to pursue travel as well.  This route isn’t for everyone, but I would like to inspire others to travel as well.  Entrepreneur.com wrote a few articles about turning your passion into profit.  It’s a good idea to read them to get some ideas flowing.  You can also read about several digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs and their stories in this blog post by moneynomad.com, it’s a great read.

This is the first of a 3 part blog series on successful habits, check out the other posts here:

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  1. Great list of habits to pick up — and thanks for linking to Money Nomad! Finding your passion is incredibly important
    (and remembering that it can change every few months/years is also worth pondering). I’ll definitely have to keep an
    eye on your site and plan to share this article right away!

    • Thanks so much Rob. Still writing the content to launch my blog. As a Digital Nomad myself traveling for the last 6 months I found a lot of valuable content from this post that my readers can enjoy. I’ve also met, followed, or used some services from some of your Entrepreneurs mentioned in this article! Great stuff! Keep in touch!

      – Ron


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